Grandma Golda

Call for Price

 I have a collection of dolls that are completely hand made.
    *  Each doll is unique and hand crafted.
    *  This particular doll is "Grandma Golda" in the collection.
    *  Grandma Golda is in her 80's and needs a new start to life.
    *  Grandma Golda stands 45cm (18") and is still in the prime of her life.
    *  Her hair is wool and is hand stitched in place.
    *  Her face is hand sculptured.
    *  Grandma Golda comes complete fully clothed.        
           *  Jumper.
           *  A lace collar.
           *  A wide skirt which can taken off.
           *  Apron with pocket & safety pin.
           *  Bloomers with lace hem.
           *  Real thigh high stockings.
           *  Felt shoes with flowers.
           *  One bow in her hair.
           *  Pearl necklace.
           *  Magnifying glass to inspect prospective companion.
    *  All clothing is hand made and original.
    *  When seated, the dolls dress is 48cm (19") in diameter.
    *  Clothes can be taken off, washed and interchanged.
    *  Most seams are overlocked.
    *  Each doll has an identification tag to guarantee it is hand made.