Raggedy Ann Doll "Belle-Anne"

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Raggedy Ann is a fictional character created by writer Johnny Gruelle (1880 – 1938) in a series of books he wrote and illustrated for young children.
Gruelle created Raggedy Ann for his daughter when she brought him an old hand-made rag doll and he drew a face on it.
Raggedy Ann is a treasured friend to many generations of readers.
She is much more than a rag doll - she is a symbol of caring, love, compassion and generosity.
Her magical world is one that promises to delight children of all ages for years to come..

I have a collection of Raggedy Ann dolls that are completely hand made.
I love the floppy red-head dolls and have attempted to capture the happiness that the dolls gave me..
   * Each doll is new, unique and hand made of calico.
   * This particular doll is named "Belle-Anne" in the collection.
   * Belle-Anne stands 84cm (33") and is cute as can be.
   * Her hair is stitched in place.
   * Her face is hand painted.
   * Belle-Anne comes fully clothed:
       *  Petticoat
       *  Coat
       *  Bows
       *  Top
       *  Bloomers
       *  Lace
       *  Suede Shoes & Socks
       *  Handbag
       *  Bloomers & Top are made from embroided cotton
       *  Wide Dress made from cotton material and can be removed
       *  Two bows in her hair
       *  Shoes with big red buttons & white stretchy socks
   * All clothing is hand made and original.
   * When seated, the dolls dress is 88cm (35") in diameter.
   * All clothes can be taken off, washed and interchanged.
   * All seams are overlocked.
   * Each doll has an identification tag to guarantee it is hand made.