Becky Lee


Please Welcome: Becky Lee
Weight: 5 pounds app'
Length: 20 inches
Kit: Lilly by Denise Pratt
Size: Newborn
Clothing Size: 000
This little girl has been lovingly Reborn in my nursery: The Magic Swan
Meticulous attention to detail has been given to perfect her skin colouring by delicately applying many fine layers of Genesis heat set paints and by adding subtle detailed blushes & undertones.
A final matt varnish coat enhances the reborning process to protect her from handling so she will stay lovely for many years to come.
Becky Lee has lovely blue eyes, light brown eyelashes and gorgeous thick medium brown hair that has been painstakingly hand rooted perfectly.
Hair has been sealed on the inside so you are able to carefully dampen and style her beautiful locks.
Her secrest fully jointed custom fitted body has been intricately weighted just right so she feels real when you pick her up for caressing, cuddles & smooching.
She has a hand-crochet magnetic dummy so care must be taken.
Becky Lee will arrive home in her wonderfully handmade outfits.
I have specially handcrafted her outfits in the Nursery to fit her perfectly.
First Outfit:
   Stunning dress of pink embroidery englaise and white organza
      with white lace trim, pink lacy flowers, bows and pearls.
   *  Bonnet that matches the dress with gathered lace, gathered organza trim,
       lacy pink flower & ribbon and pearls.
   *  Panties are gathered across the back with lace and bow.
Second Outfit:
   *  A sweet little blue embroidery englaise dress with ribbons,
       organza flower, bow and pearls.
   *  Darling white panties with lace.
She will also come with:
    *  Hairband with lace, ribbon and 3 organza flowers
    *  Socks
    *  Nappy
    *  Dummy
    *  Booties
    *  Birth Certificate
Please contact me with any questions.
If you are interested in having a Outfit made for your own Reborn please feel free to contact me.